Lost or Stolen Debit Card

Recently some card issuers and financial institutions across the industry have experienced an increase in attempts by unknown fraudsters to break the card verification value / card verification code (CVV / CVC) on compromised cards, and thereby to commit card fraud, including ATM fraud. This attempt to commit fraud is commonly known as a “brute force attack”. To execute these crimes, email is often used to transport phishing scams and malicious software (malware) to obtain personal information including personal identification numbers (PINs) and to take over legitimate merchant accounts to test the compromised cards. You can help to reduce the likelihood of the success of these attempts to commit fraud by being alert for email that (1) contains unfamiliar or suspicious links or attachments, (2) is unsolicited and/or from an unknown sender, (3) is sent multiple times from different senders, or (4) contains poor grammar or incorrectly spelled words. If you receive email that contains any of these elements or any combination of these elements, you should delete it immediately. Do not open it, click on the links or open any attachment. You should not attempt to reply to the email or forward it to anyone.”

We have instituted an Automated Alert System that can help detect and stop fraudulent transactions. This means you may receive a call from a Voice Response Unit or VRU to alert you of suspicious activity. The VRU will prompt you to enter your zip code. Next it will ask you to press 1 if the charge(s) was authorized, or 2 if not. If the charge is valid, no further action is needed. If the charge is not yours, it will transfer you to a live customer service representative to assist you. If the VRU is unable to reach you, it will leave a message for you to return the call. For your protection, your card may be restricted unless you respond to the call.

These are just a few of the ways we are working to help ensure your security!


If your debit card is lost, call the following number to report it missing: 1-800-554-8969

Please provide your full name as printed on your card and the address associated with the card.